Saturday, 20 February 2016


It is pertinent to take a closer look at the real FFK beyond the façade we see.
1. He claims to have graduated from Cambridge University in the United
Kingdom. But it is one thing for FFK to pass through Cambridge; it is
another thing for Cambridge to have passed through him. All Oxbridge
products we knew and interacted with have in common, one thing at
least: civility, refinement and literate. Evidently FFK is the direct
opposite of these attributes. He comes through as uncultured, crude,
uncouth and greedy.

2. He claims to be a lawyer. But without a law chamber, without a
legal practice, and a without a legal career very untypical of lawyers
from the South-west. We learnt from good authourity that he inherited
a very robust legal chamber from his late father but he was unable to
make a success of it. What a tragedy.

3. FFK claims to be a politician but where is his political base?
Certainly, not Ile-Ife or Osun State. Laziness would not allow him
build on that solid political base bequeathed by his father. What a

4. FFK claims to be a writer. Really? Where is the book he has
authoured? Okay he scribbles for newspapers and online media. Even
here we have never seen him any gathering of creatives or journalists.
Then we sampled his writings, and they revealed an interesting pattern
thus: About 90% are pure jingoism, the remaining 10% ego trips.
Thematically, they are empty, mostly to blackmail individuals and
ethnic nationalities and of recent spread hate disguised Islamophobia.
We will publish our full findings in due course.

5. FFK claims to be a public servant. Before former President Obasanjo
rehabilitated him first as his "political attack dog" to satisfy the
quota allotted to sons and daughters of big men FFK had no record of
public service. He only ran errands for politicians and in between had
to deal with the consequences unhealthy choices that required
rehabilitation. His appointment as Minister of Culture and Tourism and
later, Aviation, had been singularly disastrous to the nation, as the
ongoing prosecution by the EFCC for grand larceny and corruption
before the courts clearly shows.

6. Is he a businessman? We are not aware of one business that he runs
either as corporate or from his bed room. In short, FFK cannot show a
single accomplishment to his name worthy of note outside of political
patronage and rent seeking, two cankerworms that till date have
remained the banes of national development.

Please help me, how can we decipher this oxymoron now singing like a
cracked gramophone on behalf of Jonathan?

(c) Yakub Aliyu

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