Sunday, 6 March 2016

IT MUST BE SAID By Olaoluwakitan Martins

"Even if she made a mistake in her mathematics, she made a good point. She is focusing on the civil service leakages. The biggest in this country"
~ Ken Agala

The story of Kemi Adeosun's 16+6 equals 24 gaffe took FB by storm in the past few days that i have to celebrate those card-carrying PDP folks, especially those FB celebrities among them, who have not allowed themselves to sink to the deepest depths of gutter politics and have urged restraint among their followers. It is the reason i have reproduced the quote above.
I say shame on those, who as usual are so infinitely obtuse as to persist in their acts of ignominy.

They will often say, one takes matters too seriously, to which i say, life itself is serious. It is serious when you shamelessly engage in acts, not once, but many times, of besmirching the reputation of an individual to enhance your partisan objectives.
Inside the underbelly of the savaging of Kemi Adeosun is the usual ethnically-motivated perfidious proclivity that is the bane of our politics; that has always been at the epicenter of our coexistence in Nigeria.
This phenomenon of supporting or defending one of our own and castigating the other is clearly evident here.

It is one more feather to the cap of my eternal reasons for believing Nigeria needs to adopt a regional form of government, because, what we have now is a facade, a joke of a country.   
On issue after issue, all one needs to do is to perform a simple test - take a cursory look at the alignment of commentaries. On this particular issue, the commentators, who for the most part are casting the preponderance of aspersions against Adeosun are from a particular part of the country.

From the style of her hair-do, to her purported "fake accent", they delight in an orgy of innuendos and vituperation, they have the reputation for, when the subject is not one of their own.

It does not help matters much that Adeosun has directly replaced their champion, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the one with the funny head-gear.

No, they are not talking about the lady's silly market-woman head-gear, even as they ridicule Adeosun's hairstyle.
No, Okonjo-Iweala is the best thing since sliced bread.

Today, they are promoting a false blog as some blogs are, under the heading of, "I Can Help Buhari Achieve Lasting Economic Development - Okonjo-Iweala",  as a direct indictment of the mere 4 months stewardship of Nigeria's economy under Adeosun.

 They pay no heed to the fact that most blogs engage in cheap, tabloidy, and for the most part insane sensationalism.
No, they forget the former Minister was so good and competent in practicing voodoo-economics that Nigeria was flooded with so many foreign currencies that the US Dollar was practically an unofficial legal tender in Nigeria, at the expense of the Nigerian currency; a repercussion from her biggest strength - negotiating and arranging debt-forgiveness for Nigeria.

For what it's worth, wasn't it Okonjo-Iweala who concocted the scheme that lead to the diversion of the Dasuki funds that is now the albatross hanging around the neck of their favorite political party.

As a Yoruba, i am chagrined as i read comments from some ignorant Yorubas, who, oblivious of the political realities of Nigeria, joined the bandwagon of people of duplicitous motivations in throwing Adeosun under the bus.

I once addressed this group when the same type of ethnically-motivated and vacuous obloquy reared its ugly head in the following fashion:

"If you are a Yoruba person and you joined others out of political expediency in celebrating this parody of a Yoruba lady, then, you are a low-down dirty dog with no commonsense. 

Where the hell is your sense of pride? Why do you think diminishing a perfectly qualified and competent Yoruba lady at the expense of an equally competent Okonjo-Iweala is the best way to promote your sinking-ship of a corrupt party? It shouldn't surprise any of you ignorant and brainless fools that the group that is mostly promoting this lunacy is non other than the same group that believes its members are the alphas and omegas of Nigeria. Put on your thinking caps. Don't give aid and comfort to others in belittling your own in the name of one Nigeria.

 For the most part you never see them do that. As a matter of fact, they swear at and curse at their own kinds who do that".
What is clearly unambiguous from this latest version of Adeosun's carpeting is the ubiquitous presence of that insidious phenomenon of wailing; wailing being that concept that involves being petty and pointing out ridiculous and or frivolous things about the current administration.

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