Monday, 21 March 2016


Last week, we learnt that angry former ministers and senior PDP officials under Goodluck Ebele Jonathan had an emergency meeting during which they threatened to expose him for being duplicitous in the theft of $2.1 billion meant for defence procurement. They vowed to carryout their threat unless he intervenes and stops the EFCC from prosecuting them. 

What a load of balderdash from ill informed shameless thieves and enemies of the Nigerian state!

Unless one is delusional and mentally deranged to think so, what powers does Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has to stop the lawful prosecution of financial and war criminals in Nigeria?

For the avoidance of doubt, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan does not need exposure by anyone in order for him to be prosecuted by the EFCC. He has committed so many treasonable offences against the Nigerian state. The compelling evidences against him are everywhere.

Nigerians will forever remember the phrase "Where is Gwoza sef?" That was one of the most stupid, bizarre and irresponsible statements ever made by Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, during his presidency. Eye witnesses said that he made the disparaging comment during a supposed top secret meeting in Abuja with the current Emir of Gwoza, Muhammed Timta.

The Abuja secret meeting was held to placate Nigerians following public outrage after Jonathan showed total lack of sympathy and abdication of responsibility when Boko Haram slaughtered thousands of our people in Gwoza on 16th August 2014. The Haramites seized the strategic North Eastern town and made it the capital of their new Satanic "Caliphate".

Although Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was the Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces when Gwoza was sacked by the Haramites, he was so callous, clueless and irresponsible that he did not bother to find out where Gwoza was, let alone visit Gwoza to show sympathy with its people! It was clearly evident that neither his National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, nor his fat-cat Boko Haram military generals were concerned about the fall of Gwoza.

Not knowing where Gwoza was more than two weeks after it was ransacked and seized by Boko Haram terrorists was actually a major indictment of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and his security chiefs! It exposed his government as being part and parcel of the Boko Haram conspiracy.

While many tragic and unsettling events were happening to our people at the hands of Boko Haram in the North East at that time, Goodluck Eebel Jonathan and his cabal were only concerned about rigging the 2015 general elections to perpetually remain in power. It can be recalled that the late father of the current Emir of Gwoza, Alhaji Idrissa Timta, was murdered on 30/5/2014 when Boko Haram attacked his convoy on his way to attend the burial of the late Emir of Gombe, Alhaji Shehu Usman Abubakar, who died in London, at the age of 76.

Assuming the treacherous war criminals have conveniently developed insomnia and have forgotten all about it, we shall never forget nor forgive the genocide in Baga, the massacre of school children in Buni Yadi, the relentless bomb blasts in Maiduguri, Damaturu, Potiskum and Gombe, and the spectacular fall of the commercial of city of Mubi, just to mention a few.

We will also never forget nor forgive the billions wasted by Sambo Dasuki in purchasing obsolete military helicopters that crashed three times in Yola, Adamawa state, and the obsolete drones that crashed in Mafa, Borno state, all under the very watchful eyes of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

The threat to expose Goodluck Ebele Jonathan by his fellow co-conspirators for his complicity in the misappropriation of the $2.1 billion defence budget is nothing but theatrics by shameless grandeur thieves who have run out of ideas and have nowhere else to hide for their war crimes and crimes against humanity. Whether they expose him or not, it is just a matter of time before the full arms of the law catches up with them all.

Thanks to the patriotism and determination of the new EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu, who swore to put his life on the line to bring all financial criminals to justice, and thanks to the astute leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari in eradicating corruption once and for all in Nigeria, no criminal involved in the Dasukigate or indeed any other known financial crimes, will be spared!

There is no honour among thieves, so let the Dasukigate traitors expose themselves.  Meanwhile Nigerians and the rest of the world are listening and watching. The chickens have indeed come home to roost for Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and his cabal.
May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen!

Dr. Idris Ahmed.

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