Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Nigerians criticise Buhari for silence over Agatu killings

Nigerians have attacked President Muhammadu Buhari for his quick response to the terror attacks in Brussels, Belgium on March 22, Tuesday.
Eight local government areas, comprising Agatu, Buruku, Guma, Gwer-west, Logo, Kwande, Gwer- East and I Katsina- Ala, have been under recurrent heavy attacks from the Fulani herdsmen since 2013.
The latest deadliest attack occurred on March 5, stormed Agatu local government area killing over 300 people.
The herdsmen also destroyed different
properties in the area, displacing many residents of Agatu.
However, many weeks passed but President Buhari is yet to address the incident while he published a solidarity message to people of Belgium just several hours after the terrorist attack.

Buhari is fast to condemn Brussels attack but not fast to condemn AGATU's attack. Mr. President, charity begins at home!
—  (@jacksonpbn)
President Buhari is the most useless man alive & I mean that with no apology. What's his business with Belgium? We have Agatu & he is silent — @Adekoyabee
Buhari was always going to speak on the Belgium blasts – it's diplomatic protocol.
It's his nonchalance on domestic issues that bothers me. @MrNosegbe
It's a really bad look for Buhari to give an official response to a terror attack in Belgium, while being silent on things at home. — @je_mc2
So buhari can release a statement few MINUTES after Belgium attacks for 30 deaths while he kept mute for days wen 300+ died in #agatu  @ppanda23
But he won't condemn the fulani #agatu attack Buhari condemns Belgium
attacks, seeks cooperation against terrorism @unclemeks
@NGRPresident Wow! That was fast. We didn't get this kind of swift reaction from you guys when Benue, Taraba, Enugu etc bled. @FunkyGuy78
When Fulani Herdsmen from hell murdered hundreds of people in Agatu did the @NGRPresident stand with them? @ikennaasomba13
@NGRPresident you did not also stand for the corner and others that were killed during the #RiversRerun . Hypocrisy of the highest order. @midasnonso
@NGRPresident its better when u stand with Agatu people also.Boko-haram kill people everyday,no word from u but u rush to stand with Belgium — olumadewa
@NGRPresident I never knew you could be this fast to respond to an international issue. Fulani herdsmen? Bokoharam? @Kwinjane
@NGRPresident Pls stand with #Nigeria not false flag and conspiracy arrangements. I pray & stand with Nigeria. #BokoHaram #agatu — @bracciano1984
@NGRPresident I really wish you stood with the Agatu people too. A life is a life is a life, European or Nigerian. A life is not for cattle.
@NGRPresident he is supposed to stand with Belguim as he is currently sitting with Agatu. You guys should chill! @TareOkoro
Source Naij. Com and Twitter

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