Sunday, 6 March 2016

Ondo State Sit On Pot Of Gold. By Olaoluwakitan Martins

Sometimes last week I took time to tour the various dilapidated companies own by ondo state and to know the various minerals and investment potential in the state....

I was at Ifon, Omialafara, okeluse and other places. ..

here I am holding samples of Kaolin, Glass sand/Silica sand....kaolin can be use to produce ceramics, floor tiles, bricks, medicine, insecticides, food additives, and refractive products while silica sand can be use to produce sheet glass, bottle glass and other glass product.

At the moment the state is unable to pay over 4months salary while the state sit on pot of Gold...this is just one of the many minerals in the state, we have limestone,  bitumen which is second largest in d world after canada, natural gas, crudeoil, iron ore etc....

Federal government must grant resource autonomy to state in other to boost their local economy.  Our states cant be sitting on pot of Gold while we suffer.
God bless Ondo state, Oduduwa Republic.

Olaoluwakitan Martins Armani

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